Our Story

Over the last 35 years, we have brought imaging solutions to many thousands of dental professionals.  As digital imaging technologies grew more prevalent in dental practices, we not only saw the power to improve diagnostic information and dental office efficiency, but we also saw many doctors who were frustrated because they felt they purchased way more technology than they really needed, or worse, they felt that their provider disappeared when problems arose. 


Our Mission

We are continuously asking dental professionals what they want in their imaging, and we typically hear doctors say they want three things:  great images, great pricing, and no issues.

As a result, we have made these three items our most important objectives.  It is with these objectives that we’ve not only developed a suite of powerful imaging solutions, but we’ve also assembled a deep team that will be in your corner to help you make the most of those solutions.  We have dental offices that implemented our products 15 years ago, and if they call us, we do our best to help.  We have dental professionals who have never used our products call us with technology questions, or integration questions, and we do our best to help. 

Our team understands that having great products is extremely important.  However, we feel that equally as important is having a support team that will help the staff make the most of those solutions. 


Our History