Mielscope Surgical Microscope

Many dental offices want the ENTIRE staff to have the improved ergonomics and ultra-high magnification that a microscope offers.  However, they also need it to be dead simple to use without significant training.  They also want to be able to train and collaborate with their staff by easily sharing a 4K view of exactly what the doctor is seeing. 

They want to capture more imagery and video for patient communication, training, and documentation, but their staff can’t disrupt their procedures to fumble for different cameras and scopes. 

When they do capture an image or video, they want it to be compelling.  A bad angle, the wrong field of view, shadowing or camera movement all represent a missed opportunity that defeats the purpose of capturing imagery in the first place.  They want a scope that can be moved to any position and angle, has coaxial lighting to create great visibility, and can capture crisp autofocused imagery whether it be going deep into a single root, or wide for an entire arch…all without putting down their instruments. 



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    The Mielscope has one of the most powerful and widest ranges to enable your staff to create amazing 4K imagery.  The powerful lenses create the ability to magnify up to 80 times, which provides unrivalled visibility.  The patented dual LED lighting system further provides coaxial lighting to eliminate shadows in even the deepest canals.


    A high precision articulating arm enables the scope to float above the patient so that it can be engaged in a blink.  This articulation arm also enables the scope to be maneuvered effortlessly to any position and any angle because it glides on air.  However, once positioned, the scope has rock solid stability so that the operator can work hands free while still maintaining amazing visibility.  It also means that staff members are not fumbling to put down their instruments to pick other things up.



    The range of motion provides total flexibility to get images you can’t get any other way without physically moving the patient in awkward or downright uncomfortable ways.  And because of the flexibility to angle the scope, all of these views are possible while the operator maintains a comfortable upright posture with hands free.


    The MS is a smart system that gives the operator tremendous power to get the exact views and images they want without putting down their instruments.  The Smart Autofocus capability enables the system to automatically bring the anatomy into sharp focus without the operator having to spend time thinking about this step.

    Smart controls like preset magnification levels, flip, rotate, brightness means that even your most inexperienced staff can get perfect visibility quickly without disrupting the procedure.



    Blue light composite locating technology further accelerate the procedures of your staff using this tool.  Foot controls enhance the operator’s ability to control the system hands free while maintaining comfortable posture.



    The software also makes it super simple to present automatically focused, powerful imagery to help my patient understand exactly what is happening in their mouth.  It can also adapt to scenarios where I want to use the videos to teach my employees or where I want to better allow my staff to see what I am seeing during a procedure.  What if it was easy to show the patient the value of scaling?

    Before ScalingAfter Scaling




    Rise in Case Acceptance:   With the Mielscope, you’ll see a dramatic rise of case acceptances because really compelling images and videos become a standard part of patient discussions. Instead of blank stares, patients can understand exactly what’s going on.  They feel educated.

    Your staff will capture better images, more frequently in less time.  You won’t have to keep pushing your staff members to take imagery because it’s so easy.  The system requires minimal training and can be used by even your newest staff members.



    Increased Staff Retention:  You and your staff (and everyone’s backs) will thank you for helping them improve ergonomics across all activities with patient care.  Everyday procedures will be faster and more thorough.  Your staff will thank you!





    Increased Efficiency:  Your team will work more cohesively because your staff can see what you are seeing during procedures, so they can proactively assist.  Training new staff increases exponentially because it’s now so simple to share procedures. 


    You spend more time “leading” and less time “doing”:  Your younger staff members can advance in their support of your patients faster, because you now have a powerful educational tool to share cases both real time and as video case studies.


    Can this be used for surgery like a traditional microscope? 

    How are the images and video managed? 

    What happens if we need support? 




    If you would like to have

    • Lower staff turnover because hygienists can do their jobs more effectively with less pain

    • Fantastic visibility captured from any position and angle with complete stability independent of head position and no disruption to the procedure
    • A scalable practice because training is now as simple as inviting junior staff to observe during the procedure

    • More efficient procedures because your assistant can see exactly what you are seeing the entire time

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