Exclusive 2024 Dental Cone Beam Buying Guide



Just Released

The ImageWorks Exclusive 2024 Dental Cone Beam Buying Guide


We have been deploying dental imaging solutions for decades across thousands and thousands of offices.  Through all of this time, we have seen what works, and what doesn’t.  Along the way, we collected all of this insight and boiled it down to ten key questions that we get asked all the time by doctors who are deciding what kind of cone beam system to implement in their practice.  This information appeared to be really useful, so we decided to share it with the entire dental community for free.  



Our report will cover topics such as:

    • Liability concerns
    • State requirements for your office
    • Pros and cons of different fields of view
    • Integration concerns
    • Dosage comparisons

…and much more.





We hope you find it useful.