ImageScan HD Intraoral X-Ray

ImageWorks has been helping dental professionals with intraoral x-ray systems for decades.  Our systems have captured almost a billion radiographs!  We are excited to provide the Imagescan HD intraoral x-ray system:  the next generation in our proud legacy of x-ray technology.

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ImageScan HD Wall Mount

  • Best Image First Time Every Time:  Power Factor Correction assures highly stable and consistent output regardless of quality of input power source.

  • Reduced Dosage:  Patented shielding method makes leakage close to zero. The DC system significantly reduces harmful soft radiation, compared to conventional AC type machines.

  • Long Lasting Quality:  Life cycle tested both mechanically and electrically over 200,000 cycles. Assures the unit will last.

Mobile Intraoral X-ray – Mobile ImageScan HD

  • One Unit for Multiple Operatories:  Make your X-Ray unit work for you by leveraging your investment across many different operatories.

  • Easy Installation:  No wall mounting or invasive construction work to your office.

  • Small Footprint:  Compact design allows it to fit in many tight spaces.

  • Best in Class Performance:  All the same dosage and image quality advantages of ImageScan HD, but now it’s mobile!




Looking for x-ray mobility and thinking about a handheld?  Watch this.

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