Do You Know Where Your Digital Sensor Is?

The New ImageWorks Select Digital Sensor System: completely redesigned for performance, quality and usability

“We are happy and very impressed with the quality of image we get from our ImageWorks digital sensor. Thanks so much for the great product!” Walter Haley DDS, Tumwater, WA
Eva Select Sensor

You need a digital sensor that performs, but you also need one that lasts. When your sensor isn’t in use, you need it to be accessible for your staff, but you also need to make sure it’s safe.

The EVA Select Digital Sensor System has been completely redesigned for quality and performance. In addition, its one-of-a-kind USB Docking Station System provides:

  • Safe storage when not in use
  • Easily accessible system that is also easy to find
  • USB connection with all PC models
  • Efficient movement between rooms
  • Professional cable management to instill confidence in your patients
  • Easy integration with all major software platforms

Eva Select Features
Other USB Systems

When not in use, a sensor with no docking station is…

Sensor hanging
Sensor laying

The ImageWorks Select Sensor keeps them accessible while keeping them safe – which is good for your patients and smart for your practice