• Most dental cone beams only have one sensor that does all 2D and 3D imaging.  Our cone beam systems have one sensor optimized for 3D scans, and another for 2D panos, which results in clearer images with more information.  More information means better decisions and reduced procedure time because there are no surprises.


  • Clearer images means less time convincing the patient of the diagnosis and more time discussing treatment options.


  • Unique capability to capture a complete FMX in 14 seconds.


  • A team of experts in your corner to optimize integration with existing software, and assure all members of your staff are fully confident using the tools so they can focus their attention on patients not devices.


  • Long term support to help you make the most of your investment as your needs change.

“These images are awesome” –Dr. Mark Sheklian, Manasquan, NJ

“I just purchased the Panoura 18S from ImageWorks and absolutely love it. The image quality is fantastic, and the image can actually be improved post capture with their software (Focal trough can be altered). I highly recommend it.”    —Dr. Craig. Smith, Dallas, TX


“I am constantly complimented by other dentists on the quality of our radiographs.” — Scott Nawy DDS, MS, Timonium, MD


“We are very happy with our X-era CBCT. It is working like a charm! We would be lost without it.” — Dr. Edison Louie, Anaheim, CA


“While I’m an enormous fan of the image quality and information that the CBCT provides, I think my staff’s favorite part is that the machine is so easy to use. Furthermore, the team at Imageworks have been fantastic to work with, as they’ve been able to help us with any questions we’ve had along the way.” —Dr. Paul Blaisdell, Kuna, ID


“A very elegant solution for a full mouth series with a simple extra oral scan.” —Dr. Salim Shafi, Phoenix, AZ


“We are very happy with our Pan/Ceph unit. The images are excellent. We have had a bit of staff turnover since acquiring the machine but everyone seems to learn how to use it quickly.” —Dr. Alan R. Heller, DDS, MS, Baltimore, MD


“Your customer service is simply outstanding!!” —Dr. Patricia Bobadilla, Miami, FL


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