Portable and Mobile Dental X-Ray System Rental

We also offer Long Term and Short Term Dental X-Ray Package Rentals


Who is this for:

  • For clinics and offices that do not want the large capex investment or the hassles of equipment ownership and need either a long term or short term dental x-ray rental options



  • Avoid large capex investments. 
  • Flexible timeframes that can be adjusted based on changing needs.
  • No components missing.  Everything needed to immediately start capturing x-rays included in one package.

  • No concern if everything will work together: Everything from the same company.

  • Up and running in no time: Full featured software that comes preloaded and ready to go and all the accessories, like positioners that the staff will need.


Mobile Dental X-Ray Solution


Portable Dental X-Ray Solution



Mobile X-ray source

Digital sensor

Imaging software



Training and Support


Handheld X-ray source

Digital sensor

Imaging software



Training and Support



  • High-performance 0.4 mm focal spot intraoral x-ray source that allows for precise positioning and flexible parameter setting.

  • Smooth mobility on precision-designed castor wheels with integrated locking mechanism

  • Rock-solid stability combined with a sleek profile means the staff move the system through tight offices with ease.

  • Eva Select intraoral sensor offers high resolution imaging with compact and rounded profile for patient comfort

  • Comes with positioners to help the staff position the sensors for great images every time

  • Power platform integrates the power sources so that separate charging stations are not needed

  • Compact workstation with preloaded imaging software brings the whole system together.

    • Laptop or Tablet

    • Options to export or share across the network

    • Diagnosis

    • Patient database

    • Charting

    • Filtering and annotation tools

  • Comes with trigger switch that allows the operator to initiate the exposure from over 20 ft away.

  • Support and Training

    • Deep experience with clinical and technology requirements

    • Integration questions (PACS, dental software, direct export, etc)

    • Have helped many thousand dental offices capture over half a billion x-rays

More information on Eva Select Dental Sensors

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