What’s our secret weapon to providing such great support?

It’s all in the serial number.  Over 33,000 of them. That’s how many major imaging systems in operation that we keep track of. 

We’ve been providing dental imaging solutions for decades.  Our products have helped dental and medical professionals take close to a billion radiographs.

One the reasons we have been so successful is our support.  The solutions we provide are critical investments for the dental practice, and our team is very good at not only helping dental professionals make the most of these investments, but also working hard to make sure everything gets fixed quickly if there’s ever a problem.

One of the key secret weapons is the advanced data systems we use to keep tabs on the massive fleet of imaging solutions currently being used in dental offices and medical facilities around the world.

Any office that calls ImageWorks, or connects their system directly to our team using our support platform will get a specialist that likely knows quite a bit about the history of that product.  This enables them to offer specific recommendations as well as to make sure things get resolved quickly and efficiently. 

This capability has also been valuable to offices purchasing used equipment.  Because our products last so long, they have been valuable for second and third owners.  In these cases, we can help confirm manufacturing dates and service history for these products.

So hopefully, you will never need us…but if you do, we’ll be here with all of our firepower at your fingertips.


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